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Wooden Flooring Installation And Floor Polishing Australia

Barefoot Timber Flooring is a timber flooring specialist which is established to provide most convenient and cost effective flooring installation experiences to customers. It is useful to many to know that Thrust Floors integrity to its clients for over 50 years has been supported by our unique Ten (10) Year Guarantee, will not allow many manufacturers of wood floor products into their showcase as their quality fails to meet the exacting requirements of Thrust Floors' demand for only” Q-U-A-L-I-T-Y products to be offered for sale.
Sydney Art Flooring offers an extensive range of designer rugs in various sizes to suit all budgets and living spaces. Sydney Timber Flooring does both supply and install in Great Sydney Area, and supply only nationwide. wood floor supplier Melbourne Floors Mart produces a range of Australian hardwood timber flooring such as ironbark flooring, blackbutt flooring, blue gum flooring, mahogany flooring, spotted gum flooring and tallowwood flooring.

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on earth,where trees can take 20 to 120 years to grow,bamboo only needs 5 years it can be harvested in a five year cycle and regenerate from theoriginal clumpAccording to the U.S. Cgreen Building Council Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design(LEED), rapidly renewable” is definded as products that originated from plants that are harvested within a 10 years cycle.
Whether you have timber flooring, floating floors, parquetry, or any other type of floorboards, the Affective Timber Flooring team are the experts in commercial and residential timber floor sanding Geelong We utilise the latest equipment to minimise dust and deliver a perfect result every time.
Our aim is to have a timber floor suitable for every project and budget, from the timeless and natural beauty of Spotted Gum and Ironbark, to the modern look of Black Bean or Red Tulip Oak from the Branch 95 range, or the more traditional Red Mahogany, Tallowwood or Blackbutt.

Sydney Flooring was established in 1959. We offer high quality flooring with the latest technologies and offer flooring that are aesthetically pleasing, durable and easy to clean and are great value for money. We supply and install sustainable flooring, recycled timber floorboards, engineered flooring, wide plank floor boards, solid hardwood flooring together with a wide range of speciality timber flooring tools and supplies.
For the eco-conscious consumer, raw French Oak engineered flooring brings a touch of the French forest right into their home, office or showroom. Available in a range of colours and grains, Thrust Floors are sure to have European oak flooring that is perfectly suited to your aesthetic, budget and any other requirements.

Bamboo allows you to experience the timeless sophistication of hardwood floors in your Sydney home without the lasting environmental damage. When you are looking to buy timber floors in and around Sydney you will want to make sure that you not only receive quality material, but also high class service.
We take great care in liasing with our client over the installation and finishing of the flooring. It's also the flooring of choice for people with allergies as hard floors won't harbour dust mites the way carpet can. Largest range of colours which can be installed as floating on concrete or direct stick on a timber substrate.

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