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You're wondering, "How do I sell my songs, especially in a bad economy?" In a bad economy money gets tight for almost everyone and everything, the music business included. Because searching for their interstellar neighbors via boldly going interstellar space travel was in the relatively too hard basket - it was not cost effective value for money, time and effort, given how few the needles were in the haystack of a galaxy - they programmed artificial intelligent robotic probes as surrogates to seek out new life forms and new civilizations and thus to boldly go where no artificially intelligent probes had gone before.
I might be biased but I think we have some of the most exciting and diverse music coming out of Australia right now, and a lot of it has huge global potential which we've seen with artists like Kaiit, Kwame, Louis Baker, and others that Ditto have helped to launch such as Tash Sultana, Baker Boy and Kian.

Now, 10 years after I set my business up and got tarred by the whole industry — making jokes of how it wouldn't work — the majors are serving the exact same thing now, because they want to get artists early on and they know indie distributors are the first port of call for people not signed to deals.
But the main problem we're going to have in a few years, I think, is that Spotify is paying out so much money in royalties — the major labels have gotten billions — and Spotify is losing money, so at some point the payments are probably going to go lower.

We're focused on sending digital up to rival the labels properly, and what we've found is that actually it hasn't been that hard, with the support we've been getting from stores like Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, around the world. Speaking to MBW, Ditto Music CEO Lee Parsons (pictured) said that Ditto will be doing everything a publisher does, from signing acts to collecting royalties all over the world”.
All artists should be focusing on a specific street date and not just getting their music as live as fast as possible anyways. Im sure at smaller artists they will be successful and for me it seems to be part of their business. We're passionate about artists' rights and making the music industry fairer for independent musicians.

Announced at the end of January by CEO Lee Parsons, the label services give independent artists extra help with their releases by offering priority access to pluggers, reviewers and Ditto's own In House promotional team on an as ad hoc basis. Although we are still totally committed to providing the best online distribution service on the market, the London office will give us a dedicated facility to focus on the new label services.

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