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Tree Nursery Queen Creek AZ

Desert Horizon Nursery is Arizona's premier plant nursery and is locally owned and operated. The prices are unbeatable as far as I have found and their selection of healthy plants is also the best I have seen in the area. The changing path of the sun, longer days, and warming temperatures are the perfect recipe for growing almost anything from turf grasses to alfalfa to shade trees.
Beyond the fact that your nursery plants are beautiful. These include citrus, deciduous, flowering, evergreen, desert, fruit, tropical fruit and palm trees. Quality inventory is what we are most proud of. Our shade, palm and citrus trees are raised here in the valley.

Come here and talk with their staff to help you with your new trees. Such a huge variety of plants and other things for the garden. It is a hardy and fast growing palm tree. I was truly blessed in having picked up 10 palm tree seeds 50 years ago and even more lucky that God saw me plant them.
A popular ornamental addition to hot climate landscapes, the Pygmy Palm tree is also known as a Miniature Date Palm. Great nursery with a wide variety of high end plants, trees and landscape accessories. Here in the Phoenix area many new home owners are in the process of landscaping and buying palm trees.

Leave your customer feedback, ratings and reviews in the comments section to let the business owners and other potential customers what your experience has been like with Desert Horizon Nursery. Helpful in loading plants also. At A&P Nursery we grow our citrus trees locally in our Mesa, Gilbert, and Queen Creek nurseries.
It loves full sun in Arizona and is a great choice for color on a mound, draping over a pot, or any location in a desert or tropical landscape Palm Tree Nursery Queen Creek, Az Purple Ice Plant is a very drought resistant ground cover and is also cold hardy. Great selection of plants and garden decor.
Spanish Dagger Full sun slow growing evergreen, flowers in summer. We're excited to help you transform your outdoor landscape with trees, plants, and shrubs in Mesa, Gilbert, Queen Creek, Tempe, and the rest of the East Phoenix Valley. You can visit Desert Horizon Nursery at their Queen Creek location at 19250 S Ellsworth Rd Located in Queen Creek, Desert Horizon Nursery is a Nurseries-Plants Trees business.

Since 1978 we have been growing sub-tropical and drought-tolerant varieties from the desert and sub-tropical regions of the world, including many Arizona native plants, as well as vines, trees, shrubs, perennials, succulents, ornamental grasses and grass-like plants.
Slow growing evergreen palm tree. Desert Horizon Nursery is Arizona's Premier Plant Nursery And Is Locally Owned And Operated. Incredibly helpful, very knowledgeable and I immediately felt she was trustworthy and I was glad to have chosen Desert Horizon. I love this place, beautiful plants, friendly staff and good location.

Or, drop by any of our nurseries in the East Phoenix Valley and we'll be happy to help you find the bedding plants to make your yard beautiful. Our bedding plant nurseries in Mesa, Gilbert, and Queen Creek employ seasoned professionals that can help you select the right quantity of bedding plants and give you tips on when and how to plant them.
THE WATER - Just like we need water, so do our palm trees. V&P Nurseries delivers your plants in two business days. Whether it's a 15 gallon tree or a 96” box tree, Whitfill has all your tree and nursery gardening needs. Our plant nursery have over 300 acres of growing grounds where we produce great quality trees that transplant effortlessly.

Browse our collection of palm trees for sale throughout the East Phoenix Valley below. Yellow Dot Wedelia Trilobata Plant- fast growing trailing evergreen ground cover with little daisy like yellow flowers. LOCATION - This is a concern in cooler parts of the country but palm trees thrive in the Phoenix sun.

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