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Timber Flooring Sydney

Royal Oak Floors prides itself on providing innovative, original timber floor products unlike no other available in Australia. We go the extra mile for our clients because we care, and our heritage in timber flooring spans over three decades, meaning we've dealt with every hurdle the timber floor industry has thrown at us. As a result, we've developed our business into one where high quality service and superior, hand-selected products are the absolute minimum you will receive from our team.
Australian Chestnut Flooring is a natural product that expands and contracts with seasonal changes. If in doubt, look for the Janka rating, an impact test carried out on wood species to largely determine whether oak flooring it is suitable for flooring. Through continual process and sustainability innovation, as well as upgrading and upskilling, Team Precision Flooring sets the benchmark for timber flooring in Australia.

Ultimately our vision for Euroak is to carve a path for environmentally sustainable practices, in our industry meanwhile cementing ourselves as a business leader, through our cutting edge approach towards the re-production of recycled hardwood floorboards.
Exclusively from NASH TIMBERS, this new and unique select system allows our clients to make an intelligent & informed choice of timber requirements by using our Interactive PDF Program that guides you through different timber options from colour, types of timber flooring and finishes, grade, widths, heights, lengths, durability, hardness & sustainability.
We have a stunning range of flooring options in laminate and Timber Flooring in a vast array of colours and textures to suit any area, along with a variety of essential flooring accessories to give your space that extra special touch. The soft warmth and universal beauty of hardwood timber flooring class to each room with its unique, natural glow.

Our top layer (Lamella) is 3mm of precious European Oak Timber, which is sourced legally from forests of Europe. I have no hesitation in recommending Ash and the team at Ace Timber Flooring. Choose from a wide range of timber flooring, floating floors, laminate floors and carpet to suit your style and regenerate your home.
Timber colour can vary greatly within a species and what is provided could differ markedly from other floors or samples of that species you may have viewed. Choho is based in Australian flooring company specializing timber wood flooring and delivering flooring services to all NSW suburbs and surrounds.
Receive 25% off Kustom Timber flooring between Friday 30 November 2018 and Friday 21 December 2018. Because of their stability engineered boards may be longer and wider than solid planks and they can be laid ‘floating', increasing the ease of repair and reducing the time and cost of installation.

Euroak FlooringŪ is an innovative Australian engineered wood flooring manufacturer. No. Australian Oak Flooring is supplied pre-finished. Plenty of solid timber floors more than 100 years old still serve the purpose they were put down for,” says managing director Bill Durkowyak of Sydney Flooring 1959.
Comprising of genuine and treated timber species on its exterior and durable fibreboard layers underneath, engineered floors can withstand heavier usage and a greater amount of wear and tear than standard timber flooring. However floors made from this material have an advantage over hardwood as they are environmentally sustainable and can be installed at prices substantially lower than traditional hardwood.

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