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Riyadh Car Workshop

Juffali Auto Parts Company (JAPCO) has three main divisions: Spare parts, Service and Workshop Equipment. Please note: The prerequisite is that the vehicle has been correctly driven and that the maintenance, inspection or services have been carried out in full and at the specified intervals (as specified by the service intervals displayed in the vehicle) as specified by the manufacturer.
Saudi Arabia's landmark decision to allow women to drive has continued to have a dramatic impact on Saudi Arabia's automotive industry and with the increase of cars on the road, the after sales market is witnessing a boom, garnering interest from local and international suppliers looking to capitalise on a new stream of consumers.

As an immediate positive outcome, the total lead time from breakdown to car ready to rent decreased by 90% )25 days to 2.5 days( and ultimately, the Lean transformation enabled AVIS Saudi Arabia to drop, within 6 months, the number of unavailable cars for rent from 25% of the total fleet before starting the project down to 16% sustainably.
This test is usually used when purchasing a used car.Coordinates: 24.71212,46.84924Google Maps Link: German CarsFollowing useful information has been shared by a reader:If you own a VW or any other german, the workshop below is the best i found in riyadh for repairs of any sort.
It established a call center to maintain communications with its customers in order to increase their satisfaction”, and initiated an Operational Renting ورشة جمس في الرياض Program giving the major customers the right to rent vehicles for long-term or short-term contracts with guaranteed maintenance services”.

This is the biggest area for car repair in Riyadh, you can find 100s of workshops here.Coordinates: 24.6331,46.73881Google Maps Link: Honda Denter, Shop 43, Umm Al Hamam, RiyadhIn case of replacement of lights or changing of bumpers or dents etc you can visit this workshop, all workers are Pakistani, I didn't find them cheaper.
An October 2018 report said the lifting of the ban on women driving in Saudi as of June 2018, along with recovering oil prices and economic policies aimed at boosting consumer spending, will result in an eight percent per annum increase of passenger vehicles sales until 2022.

A large number of international automobile brands are operating in the Saudi market with a tight leg space. Industrial Clusters (2014) reveal that there are several aspects which direct Saudi Arabia to be an investment destination for automobiles in specific and other areas in general.
In its move towards developing the industrial sectors in general, and automobile's in particular, Saudi Arabia is investing massively in creating appropriate environments to embrace and nurture this move. Looking for Highly Experience Immigration Sales & Operation Staff to work in Saudi Arabia.

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