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Trash Chute Doors For Proper Safety And Maintenance Needs

Trash & Linen Chutes from Kasl Enterprises. The electromagnetic interlocking with led indicator lamps enables one user at a time and automatically locks all doors during the Rated doors outstands not only with its design and operational use, but also its durability since the complete body of the door is shaped from 1.5mm Stainless Steel Sheet, including its latch, indicator lamps and handle are made out of stainless steel.
Metropolitan Compactor is the seasoned expert in custom, made-to-order chute and compactor solutions for New York City buildings. We have a large selection of laundry and trash trash chute door closer chute part options for all your needs. Our team of specialists deals with the inspection and maintenance of Wilkinson chutes parts, as well as brick testing and video scopes.

Front doors, parts, installation and more, regardless of your billing requirements, new construction or anything else, find out how you can replace all of your worn-out parts, take advantage of maintenance, repair and much more at incredibly low prices, from Action Chutes.
The sliding discharge is used for both trash & linen chutes when the material drops directly into a container. As part of our service, we have an inventory of laundry and trash chute parts available for repair to most all manufacturers of trash and linen chutes.

Having functioning trash chutes with sealable doors is important for maintaining building code standards and can prevent serious threats, such as fire, from causing damage or hurting people. Complete trash chute door service to lubricate & Adjust doors; tighten all hardware; treat with anti-corrosive spray to inhibit rusting, fusible link and discharge door checks for proper working condition.
Anyone unfortunate enough to cut themselves on a trash chute door, or to touch a door with an open wound on their hand, can end up with a bad infection. Some trash chute door parts include safety features like fusible links. 10″ Retracted Hydraulic Chute Closer for your trash chute and laundry chute intake doors.
provides the best parts and products available to the professionals that service and maintain Trash Chutes and Laundry Chutes. If you have custom laundry room, then you need a custom made chute door. The UMT 200 & 300 Series 24” diameter Bi-Sorter & Tri-Sorter is installed below the buildings trash chute which will then allow the sorting mechanism to divert trash to a compactor or container and recyclables to a dedicated container.

The bottom door, called the discharge door, shuts when the heat from the fire melts the fusible link which had been keeping the door open. We also perform repairs to chute offsets, chute linings, and trash chute "problem areas". Metropolitan Compactor's chute and compactor solutions are designed to meet NYC, NFPA-82, and other local building codes as required.
This gives you the opportunity to easily and quickly find all of the parts, accessories, should doors and more you may need. If you search for trash chute door repair Quincy MA you will find LD Compactor Service a local trash chute door repair contractor servicing Quincy MA and surrounding towns.

We understand that you may not be familiar with Wilkinson chutes, which is why we're ready to answer all your questions. If you don't see a hardware part on our website, it does not mean that we don't have it. We have just about all the parts that are needed in the chutes industry, so don't hesitate to call us at 845 225 4507 with your questions or orders.
Nu-Recycling Technology only uses the highest quality materials available for the service, repair and maintenance of trash chutes. Chute Parts Online” is parented by Action Chutes Inc. In most cases we can complete the trash chute door repair the same day, thus reducing your downtime.
Chute doors are vital to your building's and resident's safety. Metropolitan is your one-stop source in New York City for expert chute and compactor design, manufacture, service and repair. There is no need to replace an entire trash chute door, when the parts are easy to obtain and install.

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