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Colorado Springs Structural Repair

By partnering with local licensed structural engineers to research, design, plan, and analyze structural components of our projects, we ensure your peace of mind in knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that all technical requirements are met and our work provides maximum safety for you and the environment you live in.
Used Helitech for a leak in a small crack in my basement wall from ceiling to floor. About 60% of the homes we visit in Colorado have basement foundations. Foundation Repair Colorado Springs A flooring company was working in the home when they discovered severe water issues and decided a waterproofing company was needed for repair work.

In addition, all F.S.C-A contractors shall provide proof of employment of at least one RME through demonstration of appropriate certification or registration, as well as a letter certifying permanent employment of that individual with the company, corporation or similar entity.
After a contractor removed the existing drywall, Helitech found significant structural issues that created horizontal and vertical cracks in the foundation that allowed water to pour in. In order to properly keep his home dry, these structural issues needed to be addressed.
Our team is highly experienced with Colorado Springs Foundation Repair issues and the particular soil types of the region. Colorado Structural Systems, LLC is the premier foundation repair contractor in the southern Colorado region, including Colorado Springs, Pueblo and north into the Denver areas.

We are a family-owned, 25-year foundation repair contractor that services Colorado, Montana, Colorado, and Wyoming. We also provide services for other structural foundation repair and remediation projects. Signs of damage can be sloping floors, a leaning chimney, windows that stick, gaps around doors, cracked tile, and even bowed basement walls.
It's important to assess signs of foundation problems such as; cracks in walls, floors that sag or a wet crawl space, early, before the damage spreads. In Colorado Springs CO, whether you have stone, brick, block or poured basement walls, crawl spaces and floors can be waterproofed with our quality Colorado Springs basement waterproofing products and workmanship.

He provided a high level of customer service which made the whole process seamless. Lifting concrete slabs in Colorado Springs, with a limestone grout slurry creates a rock-solid Foundation Repair sub-surface—effectively creating a new, stable base. Foundation Construction : 42 foundation construction services available in Colorado Springs.
Copyright 2019 Colorado Basement Waterproofing. Due to rising temperatures, deformities in concrete are now more common than ever leaving business and home owners in need of our services. Colorado Structural Systems' professional foundation experts are trained and certified by Hubbell Power Systems, Inc.

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