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Rick Ross Type Beat (Instrumental)

THIS LICENSE AGREEMENT is made on Sat, 01 Sep 2018 16:33:14 -0400 ("Effective Date") by and between Licensee (hereinafter referred to as the "Licensee") also, if applicable, professionally known as Licensee, and legrvnd beats (Legrvnd Beats) ("Songwriter").
Meek Mill Type Beat Ambition” Rick Ross Type Beat New 2014. Same as you can found in Rick Ross biggest hits like Maybach Music” Aston Martin Music” Santorini Greece” Florida Boy” etc. You have been licensed the right to use the Beat in the New Song and to commercially exploit the New Song based on the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

Licensee may send the Beat file to any individual musician, engineer, studio manager or other people who are working on the New Song. The bass is playing off the drums and the other instruments in the mix. Licensee hereby agrees that Licensor has not made any guarantees or promises that the Beat fits the particular creative use or musical purpose intended or desired by the Licensee.
The License Fee is a one-time payment for the rights granted to Licensee and this Agreement is not valid until the License Fee has been paid. Licensee' obligation shall include court costs, litigation expenses, and reasonable attorneys' fees. Adding the choirs creates emotion and feeling to the beat and really gives it a human element.

In this beat with the liverpool bass it creates that bass lines slide based on velocity or how hard you play the keys on your midi keyboard. Rick ross instrumentals, meek mill beats, soulja boy. I still created some slight cuts in the EQ of the bass so in never interfered with the Drums or the low frequencies of the pianos and string elements.
The licensee shall be deemed to have signed, affirmed and ratified its acceptance of the terms of this Agreement by virtue of its payment of the License Fee to Licensor and its electronic acceptance of its terms and conditions at the time Licensee made payment of the License Fee.
All sample packs at are sold as ‘royalty free,' which means you have the right to incorporate them in any music production, film, tv program, rick ross type beat website or other media production, without paying any additional royalties, license fees, or any other fees to or any third parties.

But in my opinion sometimes in beats like this one here, the bassline is acting not just as the driving force of the bea, but the melody too. If you use any of these rick ross loops please leave your comments. Licensee shall acknowledge the original authorship of the Composition appropriately and reasonably in all media and performance formats under the name "legrvnd beats (Legrvnd Beats)" in writing where possible and vocally otherwise.
This is Lil Wayne and Rick Ross Type Beat instrumental produced by Nimi Stix. I took my time with EQ and made sure to spread it as wide as I could without affecting the authentic sound of the piano. The Licensee shall not have the right to license or sublicense any use of the Beat or of the New Song, in whole or in part, for any so-called samples”.

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