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Cooking Classes, Singapore

Founded in 2015, Kitchen Showdown is one of the foremost culinary team building providers in Singapore. Formerly known as Jia Lei Confectionery & Training Centre, is one of the pioneer confectionery training centres that offers a range of commercial classes, team building and food appreciation activities for organizations, as well as individuals since its opening in 1984.
Thanks Kitchen Showdown for the wonderful Culinary Challenge. Coriander Leaf is a well known Pan-Asian restaurant in Singapore that holds cooking demonstrations cooking team building singapore dedicated to Asian cuisine. Cookyn Inc is all about Making Food Fun by fostering interactions amongst people, be it in a social group or a corporate department.

The challenges were very interesting and everyone loved it. Kingling was extra helpful when our alcohol order from a 3rd party did not arrive and she went out of her way to help buy and set it up for us. We are very grateful to the team at Kitchen Showdown for making this event a huge success for our group and would definitely recommend this activity for corporates.
At Kitchen Showdown, you and your colleagues can have the chance to face off ‘Masterchef' style- with time limits and even judges to determine who the better chef is. If you truly do not know how to cook, don't worry as there will be guidance from actual chefs, making this activity stress-free and truly suitable for all.

Thanks for the great experience my team really enjoy the challenge. Most clients have enjoyed the outdoor cooking classes of Cookery Magic. Let us plan your next team building activity for you. These guys are also pros at budgeting and sourcing for the best ingredients in Singapore, so you'll be learning from the best.
These activities provide an experiential learning, fun & competitive team bonding experience that is more than just ‘another' cooking class. Food items from all Practical classes shall be consumed in the Academy, either during lunch or dinner time. At Stellar Restaurant, texture, purity of flavour and quality of ingredients are paramount when it comes to crafting unique dishes that represent quintessential, progressive Australian cooking.
What better way to inspire high performance than team building activities in Malaysia. Definitely ideal for team building event but not with friends for a small group of 2 to 4. Aside from these four amazing team building activities offered at D'Open Kitchen, there are also other fun-filled activities for you.

I experience a lot of team work and laughter throughout the whole challenge, bringing the whole department closer together. If you're interested in arranging a team building event with Wok ‘n' Stroll, we request that you contact us so that we can begin to put together a custom tailored gastronomic itinerary suited to your taste and company values.
These challenges aren't just all about having fun; you'll also be able to practice useful soft skills like coming up with strategies and working as a team to beat a time limit. During the preparation of corporate events, our clients are often making requests to avoid recipes and drinks that are not suitable for Muslim and Hindu religions.

Sometimes a lot of companies stick to events and activities like fitness. Little Green Kitchen has gained the trust of many clients because of their impressive cooking tactics and unique and healthy recipes. In this baking and cake decorating class, participants will be divided into teams of 3 to 4. Each team will learn to make cupcakes.
With a perfect 5.0-rating on Google and 113 reviews, Food Playground is definitely one of the most favorite, if not the most, cooking schools in Singapore. If you are interested to know what unique dishes other Asian countries take pride in you should not miss out on the cooking classes offered by Coriander Leaf.

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