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Africa Will Be Next Epicentre Of Coronavirus

Updates on the coronavirus situation in Nigeria. In much of Africa, but also in the most developed parts of the world, much about the coronavirus pandemic is unclear, including the knock-on health complications it may cause, how far it has actually spread, and whether antibodies can deliver long-lasting immunity.
The NCDC said the 248 new cases were reported from 17 states: Lagos - 81, Jigawa - 35, Borno - 26, Kano - 26, Bauchi - 20,FCT - 13, coronavirus tips Edo - 12, Sokoto - 10, Zamfara - 7, Kwara - 4, Kebbi - 4, Gombe - 2, Taraba - 2, Ogun - 2, Ekiti - 2, Osun - 1 and Bayelsa - 1.

These improvements would not only greatly improve the country's ability to face the health challenges it currently faces but also greatly enhance its ability to respond to infectious disease outbreaks like coronavirus by providing platforms for rapid interventions, even in the most remote rural communities.
Perhaps the most important lesson we should learn from Nigeria's response to the Coronavirus is what Chikwe Ihekweazu said when he was interviewed by an international media outlet; The concept of every country trying to look only within its own borders is completely, mindbogglingly, a waste of everybody's time”.

Triggered by the global economic depression and prospective long-term slump in crude oil prices caused by the coronavirus pandemic, this external shock could not have come at a worse time for a country yet to bounce back from the recession of five years ago.
As virus-related deaths peak and lockdowns begin to ease elsewhere, Nigeria's COVID-19 crisis appears to be intensifying. Dalberg's Nneka Eze shares more in an Op-Ed that originally appeared on 25 March in Nigeria's Business Day , calling for decisive action and collective responsibility to prevent some of the worst outcomes of the COVID-19 challenge.
Nigeria has closed down all international flights for a month and shut schools and restricted gatherings in a string of regions in a bid to curb the spread of the virus. The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Nigeria's conflict-hit northeast rose to 12 this week, as aid workers scrambled to improve water and sanitation services in the region's overcrowded displacement camps.

Health experts are concerned about an outbreak in a region where health systems are already overburdened with cases of malaria, measles, Ebola and other infectious diseases. But the decision to relax the lockdown came as Nigeria's number of coronavirus cases has been increasing.

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