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Obtaining A Record Suspension

How to visit the United States despite your criminal record. If you have been deemed inadmissible to the United States for criminality, immigration violations or other reasons, but are not able to obtain a waiver in time for your travel, the US CIS may allow you entry for temporary trips in extenuating circumstances such as medical, business or compassionate emergencies.
canada pardon pioneered a new industry that has absolutely changed the lives of tens of thousands of Canadians by seamlessly assisting with the removal of criminal records, assisting in obtaining U.S. entry waivers, & providing other services such as fingerprinting & records checking.

You can trust that our Canada pardon service team will respect your confidentiality, we promise to do everything in our power to work with all parties involved for fast turnarounds and to be openly transparent in our communication throughout the entire process.
It is possible that a discharged (after the statutory waiting period) or pardoned offence will not show up on CPIC (the Canadian police information system) which the American border officials have access too; however, if asked by an American border official if someone with a discharge or pardon have ever been convicted of an offence the answer is yes.
The NEXUS program allows pre-screened, low risk travelers to be processed with little or no delay by the United States and Canadian officials at designated highway lanes at high volume border crossing locations, at a NEXUS kiosk at the Canadian pre-clearance airports, and at select marine locations in the Great Lakes and Seattle, Washington.
In the United Kingdom, pardons or reprieves are known as a royal prerogatives of mercy. The truth is that no one has any control over thegovernment agencies involved in preparing a pardon application. If a blemish on your record is affecting your quality of life, Canadian Pardon Applications can help you leave the mistakes of your past behind with a record suspension, record destruction, or US Entry Waiver.

The United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP), and the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), are cooperating in a joint venture to simplify passage for pre-approved low risk travelers. A criminal record is nothing to be ashamed of but with our services, you can rid yourself of it and get on with your life for good.
Mission: To help people with criminal records overcome their pasts through Record Suspensions, US Waivers and Canadian Entry applications. In a letter, the Respondent informed the complainant that there was no record of his past charges, stating "As you were a youth at the time, these records are not available or disclosed to anyone".

Our new name is part of a growth that will help us serve you better and continue to advocate for people with criminal records. We work closely with our clients to effectively deal with convictions on their criminal record Whether it's with a pardons Canada, US Entry Waiver or record expungement, we help our clients get back control of their lives.
We are always happy to assist individuals with US entry waivers and criminal rehabilitation applications. The pardon may cover both the youth and adult records. These services provide peace of mind, but all they really are doing is filling out the same application you can fill out on your own.

The Hong Kong Police Force is the one in charge of keeping criminal records but compared to other countries, the public cannot be granted access to criminal records even if it's for employment or school reasons. Starting in late 2011, the complainant alleges that the Supervisor and his co-workers began making offensive and abusive remarks about him, which the complainant believes were in direct reference to his youth criminal record.
We have access to the nationwide RCMP fingerprint services, Provincial Pardon and Waiver services, and our staff speaks multiple languages. This means that a search of CPIC will not show that the individual has a criminal record or a record suspension. Pardon Services Ent.

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