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Public Speaking In Singapore

Different people have different fears in their lives. The Public Speaking Academy is a public speaking training company which I started back in 2009, so it's been running for more than 7 years and we have been serving schools and corporate organisations by providing quality effective communication training.
It is a unique theatre-based public speaking & confidence-building workshop that will help you overcome your stage frights, master the basics of presentaion skills public speaking and create your presence. Traumatic events in early life that triggered the awareness and activated the fear of public speaking.

Currently, numerous e-learning frameworks aim to enhance students' professional and personal skills, but are inadequate as a means of raising students' awareness of sustainability in the context of teaching and learning, minimizing the environmental impact, and assisting Malaysia to become one of the developed countries by 2020.
In line with our commitment to optimal and holistic learning, we provide our students with the printed handouts and video recordings of their practice speech deliveries, maximising their learning by providing them with an opportunity to evaluate their performance in class and identify key areas of improvement moving forward.

Unlike a one-way lecture-style of classes, our competent and passionate training team believes in a hands-on approach for optimal assimilation of public speaking skills and techniques - we believe that learning is best achieved through a maximising combination of theory and practice.
We will also identify the subsequent event that activates the fear of public speaking. Of course, this "Fast Phobia Cure" NLP technique works well on other fears, not only limited to overcome your fear of public speaking. I feel assured and motivated that the education I receive from Public Speaking Academy places me ahead of my peers and allow me to stand out academically”.
While Camelot Learning Centre itself is a new school, we have had extensive experience with the teaching staff who have moved over from a previous school. Benjamin Loh provide public speaking course and training in Singapore. Camelot Learning Centre provides public speaking classes for kids in Singapore age (5-8 years and 9-12 years old).

The course teaches us useful public speaking tips and most importantly, provides us with a platform to practice public speaking in front of a crowd. Ultimately, it prevents people from pursuing opportunities for public speaking. If you are very brand new to public speaking, start small.
If people have had bad experiences, you have to acknowledge this fear and then provide some form of assurance to allay this fear. You can THINK about it all you want, but the best way to build your confidence and a killer presentation is to PRACTICE. You may possibly have glossophobia - which is the fear of public speaking.

Take a Public Speaking Academy course and we promise you will see real change in how you think, feel and speak as future presenters. He analyses everything and even guides you on how to take a cue from these great speakers and give amazing speeches, too. In the world of business, public speaking could help you increase sales, build a compelling brand , evangelise your company's mission, negotiate lucrative deals, adapt to changing markets, and so on.

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