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How to replace DJ mixer crossfader and upgrade software

Two turntables and a microphone,” might be the most famous saying in DJ culture, but what about the mixer? But the notion of a tool specifically for DJs in nightclubs was a new perspective, one that accommodated both the space considerations of the DJ booth, and the new style of overlapping records (beat matching) that Grasso had developed in order to keep the energy up on the dancefloor.
For instance, if Song A” plays across 4 beats (i.e. where the rhythm is 1, 2, 3, 4 - 1, 2, 3, 4, the most common rhythm in EDM), and you want to mix Song B” with Song A”, then, while A is playing, you find beat 1, count 2, 3, 4, and then press play or cue on Song B to start playing at the exact moment as beat 1 of song A. Tip: When you play your first track and it nears the end (i.e. the outro), you should be thinking about starting the second track to coincide with the stressed beat of the first track.

With this setup, the DJ software typically outputs unmixed signals from the music files to an external hardware DJ mixer Some DJ mixers have integrated USB sound cards that allow DJ software to connect directly to the mixer without requiring a separate sound card.
DJ Virgin is a London -based DJ 48 , pictured here mixing with a Pioneer DJ Controller which can replicate the sound of vinyl record players. By the way, some mixers only have a Cue Mix level meter (15) instead of the per-channel ones. It's not a huge deal because generally, DJs find the tension that works the best and leave it as is. If the mixer is shared between many DJs (like in a club), this could become a bigger issue.

Notes: This Allen & Heath crossfader is the offical replacement part from Allen & Heath, which fits the Alpha crossfader of the Xone:42 mixer. The left image demonstrates that as soon as the cross fader moves slightly to the right, the volume (slightly lighter grey) of the right hand side track increases steeply.
There are different positions you can have your crossfader curve set to. If its set to slow, this is ideal for mixing using the crossdafer, however make sure for scratching you set the crossfader curve to fast. The Audio Innovate Innofader PNP2 DJ Mixer Crossfader features all new capacitance (non-contact) technology which means super long life, ultra low maintenance and no bleeding or cracking.

The Innofader PNP now includes a thick insulation strip that insulates the open circuit on the back from the rest of the DJ mixer. Many gear backpacks have a design that rest mixers on that end, so having them included on the 72 is very useful. Many records open with rhythmically unaccompanied pads, synth stabs, keyboards or basslines before the entrance of the beat.
The Seventy-Two is the closest thing to a full controller layout in a DJ mixer on the market. Cue Mix makes it possible for you to hear (in your headphones) any channel, even one that's not currently routed Serato to the dancefloor. If you do decide to mix with your up-faders, make sure that the cross-fader curve isn't linear, it means that the cross-fader can be anywhere in the middle and the volumes are the same.
When DJs scratch, they're simply playing specific sounds backwards and forwards at different speeds, and controlling the output with either a volume slider, crossfader or switch, thereby creating those unique effects. The Innofader, which is compatible with various DJ mixers and controllers, comes with a variety of cables.

I feel like anyone coming to the mixer from a controller setup like a DDJ-SX2 should feel fairly comfortable with the pads, but anyone coming from an older Rane mixer or even the DJM-S9 might feel a little overwhelmed at first. This mixer does a great job of combining the performance pad paradigm (first found on the classic Novation Twitch) and the more traditional, high quality battle mixers of old.

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