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Types Of Durians

Singapore lies South-East of Asia, at the tip of the Malay Peninsula. It's softer, wetter, and fleshier than Musang King, and has developed quite a cult following according to the blogger at Durianlicious Many orchards in Central Malaysia and even Bornean Malaysia are still filled with old Tekka trees which are slowly being chopped down and converted to one of the two more popular and valuable varieties.
durian musang king (D160) merupakan salah satu varieti durian yang dikategorikan adalah sebagai antara 10 yang terbaik di Malaysia. Durian is a strongly flavored fruit that is best fried to remove the strong odor. We have approximately 300 trees that produce various varieties of durians such as Musang King, D24, tekka, D2, D101 and of course the classic "Durian Kampong".

I smell the durian before I see it. The taste of this prickly fruit is unique, and people tend to either love it or hate it. I'm somewhere in the middle; I enjoy the soft, custardy texture and buttery onion flavor going down, but find the aftertaste, which lingers way too long, unpleasant.
While Musang King and D24 have stolen the hearts of Baby Boomers and younger, Tekka is often preferred by the older generations. A big mistake is expecting durian to be like other fruits. The durian is fleshy, creamy and has a strong sweet and pleasant aroma. The problem was I was visiting Singapore at the very end of the season, and there weren't many durian fruits left on the trees growing wild on Pulau Ubin.

Its tech-savviness aside, the shop has an exhaustive list of durians, including D2, Musang King, Durian Udang Merah and Durian Thraka. In terms of taste, it can rival Musang King in bitterness and sweetness. This isn't a new designer breed of durians, according to Lindsay, but a renaming of the Tekka durian, which is a favourite among the durian lovers who are partial to its bitter-sweet taste.
Bitter-sweet (7:10) and tasty, with a hint of citrus, yet a good old kampung durian taste. Since being commercially grown, it has surged in popularity over the years and is being lauded as a rival to Musang King. Famous for the high quality of its Musang King and D24 durians, Weng Fatt is an example of the perfect weather and soil conditions in Pahang that contribute to some of the best durian varieties and harvests in the world.
Using their keen sense of smell, they can differentiate between a durian with the flavor of Fruit Loops and one that tastes like a Snickers bar. For hundreds of years, durian-loving fruit hunters and farmers from different regions of South East Asia (where the durian originated) had diligently selected chance seeding of durian for specific desirable characteristics that they like.

Durians with fungus spots or mold on the shell will taste watery and - you guessed it - moldy. The Tekka, meanwhile, is often referred to as the Musang Queen and has a pleasant bitter quality. JQueen is the name of the breed and according to the owner, the durian tree will bear this fruit once every three years and per harvest will be less than 20 fruits.
Lightly bitter in taste, its texture is thick and creamy, almost custardy. If I were to ever pass by the famous foodie heaven of Maxwell Food Center, Tanglin Crispy Curry Puff would be the one stall where I always get my curry puffs from. Other than durians, the orchard also has mangosteens, rambutans, duku and a variety of local fruit.

In good weather, we have tasted Tekka that has a really nice floral flavor with a strong bitter notes. The flesh can be sweet and bitter within the same fruit. Durian novices are usually drawn to the Musang King, which is known for its sweet flesh, dry texture and less intense aroma; but given its ridiculous prices, it's best to explore other options that might taste just as good, or even better.
One of the largest orchards in Malaysia that produces the most durians is located in Sungai Ruan, Raub, Pahang. In the West, our fruits are juicy, slightly acidic, and sweet in a one-dimensional, sucrose way. The spikes of Musang Queen are not as compact and dense compared to D24 but not as loose as Musang King.

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