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TikTok Time

On February 27th, 2019 The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) 5 announced on Twitter that ", now known as TikTok, will pay $5.7 million to settle FTC allegations that the company illegally collected personal info from children in violation of Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (#COPPA)" (shown below).
The content varies—from comedy skits and dance routines to lip-syncing and pranks, it has spread like wildfire among younger audiences, particularly with the Gen Z demographic It's easy to see why: user-friendly with digestible and entertaining content, TikTok is an addictive platform—the spiritual successor to Vine.

The app we now know as TikTok was once used solely for niche lip-syncing videos, but three years later, TikTok has become an addiction with content that appeals to nearly everyone. The Chinese company ByteDance bought and absorbed it into its own TikTok app, creating a global powerhouse of an app.
When the popular six-second video app, Vine, shut down in 2017, social media fanatics were enraged. Now the Singapore Civil Defence Force's I Used To Be So Beautiful Now Look At Me social media team has been quite impeccable in their handling of viral trends. TikTok China It's a lifestyle of a Boy and his Kitty.

One of the first TikTok users to be exposed for inappropriate behavior was @TheBudday. The social networking company Byte Dance believed they had the answer when they purchased TikTok (formerly ) in 2017 about 10 months after Vine shut down. This will no doubt come as an enormous relief to ByteDance, who will look to position themselves as a conventional social media platform and shake the tag of being the ‘New Vine'.
One user applied purple shampoo all over her Golden Retriever's fur while another shampooed their Shetland pony. The "Pretty Boy Swag" TikTok craze might be the best thing to come out of that app so far and, if you're anything like us, you won't be able to stop watching.

Besides allowing users to add face filters and effects during filming, the app also has editing capabilities. On October 9th, 2018, BionicPIG uploaded a video outlining accusations of inappropriate messaging with underage TikTok users (shown below, shown below, right).

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