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Manchester, CT Bail Bonds

Looking for Manchester Bail Bonds? Each professional bondsman licensed under the provisions of this chapter shall forthwith inform the Commissioner of Public Safety in writing of any material change in his assets or liabilities affecting his responsibility as a bondsman and shall at any time, upon request of said commissioner, furnish him with a statement under oath of his assets and liabilities, including all bonds on which such bondsman is obligated.
Said commissioner may suspend for a definite term or revoke any license issued under the provisions of this chapter if it appears to said commissioner that such licensee has been convicted of a felony in this Bail Bondsman Manchester state or elsewhere or is engaged in any unlawful activity affecting his fitness to continue in the business of professional bondsman or that his financial responsibility has been substantially impaired.

The commissioner may adopt regulations in accordance with the provisions of chapter 54 relating to the approval of schools offering courses in the duties and responsibilities of surety bail bond agents, the content of such courses and the advertising to the public of the services of these schools.
The commissioner shall send, by first class mail, a notice of expiration of the bail enforcement agent firearms permit issued pursuant to this section, together with a notice of expiration of the permit to carry a pistol or revolver issued pursuant to section 29-28, in one combined form.

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Each professional bondsman licensed under the provisions of this chapter shall annually, during the month of January, on forms furnished by the Commissioner of Public Safety, report to said commissioner in detail the names of the persons for whom such bondsman has become surety during the year ended December thirty-first preceding, with the date, the amount of bond and the fee charged and paid and such further information as said commissioner requires.
The bail amount is guaranteed the bail bondsmen, who pays the bail as a surety bond and assumes the risk of defendant not returning to face trial; in return, the bail bondsman keeps the percentage of the bail as compensation for the service provided.

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