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Concrete Slab Lifting Denver

One of A-1 Concrete Leveling Colorado's highest value concrete leveling services is raising sunken driveway slabs before they crack. These technologies are designed to restore sunken concrete foundations, but they can also lift many other concrete installations that might suffer the same fate Polyurethane injection can be used to repair sinking swimming pools, roads, patios, sidewalks, driveways, garage floors or even outdoor basketball courts quickly and efficiently.
Repairing seawalls with HydroFOAM versus grout or cement doesn't add weight to soft soil and the repair will last longer. The owner who has over 25 years experience will give you an estimate, then will come out and do the concrete leveling and mudjacking work himself.

For most homeowners, the PolyLift system will inevitably produce longer lasting results than the older, less precise mudjacking procedure. If you're unsure of whether your property is in need of leveling services, consider whether you've noticed any signs of foundation problems.
I've Been Told Mud Jacking Is A Band-Aid Repair. Small holes are drilled into the concrete slabs. If mud jacking does lift the concrete slab, it may be difficult to control where mud jacking lifts the walls, causing them to lift unevenly. Traditionally, this problem is often repaired by a process called mud jacking.

Mud jacking: a repair technique for lifting concrete slabs that have settled over time with a mortar-based mix. PAST PROJECTS BY CRACKERJACK MUD JACKING INC. Oftentimes, we can save you a lot of extra expense, time and mess by lifting, leveling & stabilizing concrete slabs.
If you're interested in learning about what PolyRenewal can do for your, call us for a free estimate for our alternative to mudjacking in Colorado Springs, Denver, Aurora and nearby. I will definitely hire them again if and when we need more mudjacking work.

Concrete leveling, also called mud jacking, is a quick and effective way to raise concrete slabs that have sunk into the ground. Mudjacking, also known as concrete lifting or slabjacking, is a highly cost-effective method of repair. Special hoses are used to pump a special substance through the holes to stabilize the soil underneath and lift the concrete slab.
It's also critical to have an experienced contractor like A-1 Concrete Leveling to repair any uneven issues. We are a proven foundation lifting , concrete Concrete lifting foam Denver leveling and trenchless sewer contractor with an impeccable track record and over 22 years of experience and thousands of projects completed.

Lucking Denver Mudjacking can raise and level you concrete. A-1 Concrete Leveling Colorado, is a locally owned franchise of A-1 Concrete Leveling We are a fully insured concrete contractor that is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality concrete services.
Bart and Cindy Smith, owners of Crackerjack Mud Jacking, Colorado Springs celebrated their recent move into their new facility at 7315 McClain Point this past Saturday. Our ZERO EXCAVATION foundation jacking solution is the most cost-effective foundation lifting and stabilization solution in the rocky mountain region.

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