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Oak Flooring Specialists

Royal Oak Floors prides itself on providing innovative, original timber floor products unlike no other available in Australia. We have worked with a diverse range of floor products and preparations and wooden flooring have specialised in projects at Universities, Colleges, Schools, Child Care Centres, Shopping Centres, Retail Shops, Restaurants, Sporting Facilities, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Pharmacies and Churches.
Innovation and development of our products, processes and services focused largely on the benefits to our customers and provides the basis for our productivity growth and long-term financial key value goal which we are aiming is to maximize the similarity between our products and natural wood.

Timber marketed as Tasmanian, or Tassie Oak” is most often a combination of three distinct species of tree, all of which are found most often in - you guessed it - Tasmania, and while they are all certainly similar there is a wide amount of variation between the three.
Engineered Timber Floor Boards are smartly designed to eliminate the common problem of expanding and contracting that results in bowing and cupping. Classy Timber Flooring are specialists in all facets of timber flooring. We are unique with water resistant laminate flooring and stock longest and widest boards on the market with latest breathtaking designs.
I will continue to recommend them to all my clients for their timber floors. Totally happy with the service and product from Ace timber floors. Footprint Floors were consistently punctual and completed the job on time as promised. Welcome to Country Timber Flooring, the leading and largest prefinished timber flooring company in Sydney.

Present in every mainland State of Australia, Premium Floors are National Market Leaders in Timber, Laminate, Vinyl, Cork and Bamboo Flooring and offer the full package for all flooring sold. At Sydney Flooring we have made our passion for designing and installing timber flooring our passion.
Hardwood floors are commercially rated and highly suitable for a variety of uses including specialty flooring for airports to gyms and every commercial application in between. You get long-lasting timber flooring because this is an engineered timber flooring product.

Polishing wood floors involves multiple steps and only an expert can accomplish the entire job with excellence. Most Australian species are certified, with the benefit of supporting local jobs and a lower carbon footprint with transport. Timber flooring has very wide appeal and comes in a variety of looks and styles.
Aquastep's unique waterproof laminate floors, acoustic and voc properties eliminate most water, moisture, sound and allergy problems of regular timber flooring at Sydney Australia. Why not check how affordable our flooring can be. Transform your living areas with minimal cost and experience the difference that Evolution laminate flooring can make to your home.
Engineered oak timber flooring will add class and elegance to your home while seamlessly meshing with a variety of decor types. HM WALK is an engineered hardwood floor, which means that the surface you WALK on and see is made of strong Australian hardwood, while underneath the surface HM WALK uses an extremely stable 9 ply construction made of plantation Eucalypt.

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