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Consequently, we conducted a randomized clinical trial to estimate the effect of a 7.5% saline (HS) infusion compared with a 0.9% saline (NS) over lactate values, hemodynamic and metabolic variables in the first 24 post-surgical hours of patients undergoing heart-lung machine bypass.
No statistically significant differences were observed between two groups in the lactate clearance, or in any of the secondary outcomes. Nuestro modelos de patios de casas estudio no mostró mejor depuración de lactato con el uso de una dosis de SH ni mayor frecuencia de efectos adversos en ese grupo.

The intervention was included in the model as a dummy variable with two indicators in which the reference value was NS. The final result of the GEE model estimated the average of the difference in the change of the outcome variable between the two groups (HS or NS) during the first 24h at the ICU.
La revista Archivos de Cardiología de México representa el órgano oficial del instituto Nacional de Cardiología Ignacio Chávez, de la Sociedad Mexicana de Cardiología y de los internos y becarios del instituto que es SIBIC-Internacional. Relationship between serum lactate levels and morbidity outcomes in cardiovascular patients.
We also evaluated the following complications: acute kidney injury according to AKIN criteria, hypernatremia, osmotic demyelination, cerebral edema and cardiogenic pulmonary edema. To compare the effect of 7.5% hypertonic saline (HS) with 0.9% normal saline (NS) on lactate clearance, as well as the haemodynamic response of patients during the first day after cardiovascular bypass surgery.

Of these, 102 patients met the inclusion criteria and they were randomly allocated to HS (n =51) and NS (El Mesas El Mesas Mesas Handbox Handbox Para Jardin Jardin Para Para El DHY2WE9I n =51), respectively. The design and conduction of the research, as well as the decision to publish, are entirely author-driven and independent of the institution that provided the solutions for the trial.
Since we did not detect any adverse effects of the HS intervention, it would be justified to conduct a complementary study to determine if a dynamically complete reanimation with repeated doses of HS could be more effective than NS in the postoperative reanimation of heart surgery with a heart-lung machine bypass.

There were also evaluated days of hospital and ICU stay, hours of invasive and non-invasive mechanical ventilation, balance of fluids administered and eliminated, requirement of vasoactive and inotropic drugs, transfusion requirements and ICU readmission.
Es una publicación que recibe manuscritos en idioma español e inglés que tiene todas las facilidades modernas de la vía de la electrónica para la recepción y aceptación de las investigaciones cardiovasculares clínica y experimental. One patient from each group withdrew their informed consent immediately after the allocation and were removed from the analysis.
High lactate levels are predictors of major complications after cardiac surgery. Table 3. Comparison of secondary outcomes according with the treatment group. Estimation of the difference between groups in the change of metabolic and cardiovascular repeated measurements during the first 24h (GEE model).

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