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Drug And Alcohol Recovery Program

Northside Group provides treatment to individuals across Sydney who need professional help to combat their addiction. It has been accepted that many people find it extremely hard, if not impossible; to completely quit their addictive behaviours and it has been found that being on a methadone maintenance program (this includes suboxone and buprenorphine) can assist people to live functional lives as a result of the changes in their lifestyle.
Many of our clients value the detailed assistance and advice we give on a wide range of issues - policy development, communicating expectations, implementing policies, interpreting results, individual case management, as well as training staff in drug and alcohol issues.

Part of The Cabin Addiction Services Group , The Cabin Sydney represents the first multinational addiction treatment centre to enter the New South Wales and Australian market and brings with it the latest in proven, effective and holistic addiction treatment provided by a team of clinical professionals with many years of experience in the field of addiction.
The Alcohol and Other Drug Treatment Services National Minimum Dataset (AODTS-NMDS) collects information on clients who seek treatment for alcohol and other drug services, yet it does not collect information on the client's experience of homelessness.

The completion rate for all treatment types among publicly funded services is about 65 per cent, and the relapse rate after treatment of Drug and alcohol rehab Sydney about 50 per cent is similar to that of other types of chronic health conditions , such as asthma, high blood pressure and diabetes.
As a baseline, when the government funds residential treatment, the cost has been estimated to be around $117 per day Plus people are usually asked to contribute to their day-to-day living costs (usually $200-300 a week) through their government benefits or other income.
In addition, the emphasis in Australia on out-patient addiction treatment, even in private settings, is one which denies the client the space to escape the triggers of their immediate environment. Services supporting those affected by a family member's substance abuse, providing understanding and information on how best to help during treatment.

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