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Slam Latches

A coin operated lock 2764 with a hook bolt (slam latch). As the lid 40 closes, the strikers 400 are urged against the rods 300 in order secure the lid 40. Although the configuration of the lock mechanism 100 is now reversed, the locking mechanism 100 operates similarly to other the embodiments described herein.
A latch is not the same as the locking mechanism of a door or window, although often they are found together in the same product. But chute night latch my basement storage has TV and all kinds of other expensive stuff in it. Would be interested in if the new slam latches work too.
A lid hingedly connected to the container, wherein the offset contacts a contact surface of the striker and the offset rotates as it slides on the contact surface of the striker and compresses the spring loading mechanism until the offset reaches an end of the contact surface, and the offset rotates and snaps under the striker by the action of the spring loading mechanism, and a whole end of the offset snaps and rotates to a resting position on the locking surface of the striker, wherein the body of the striker is between the whole end of the offset and the contact surface in the resting position, wherein the locking surface extends at an acute angle from the contact surface.

The rods 300 connect with the axle 280, which extends into through the lock housing 270 on the inner surface 60 side of the lid 40. As such, the paddle handle 220 is exterior to the toolbox 20 and is readily accessible when the lid 40 is in a closed position.
The Borg BL4409 Wooden Gate Digital Lock comes standard with a 60mm stainless steel latch and internal slam latch. Now, we proceed to door latches. As the OEM supplier of doors to over 200 boat builders, we stock a very large assortment of marine latches. When the door is closed, the latchbolt and guardbolt are retracted together, and the door closes normally, with the latchbolt entering the strike plate.
In addition to toggle and latch clamps, we also carry many spring clamps and locking clamps options to fit most precision jobs. The locking mechanism assembly comprises a lock comprising a lock housing, a paddle handle, and a spring loading mechanism, wherein the paddle handle is rotatably engaged to the spring loading mechanism.

Improved Key Locking mechanism with secure key. A Suffolk latch is a type of latch incorporating a simple thumb-actuated lever and commonly used to hold wooden gates and doors closed. From past many years, we are engaged in offering excellent quality Slam Latch Lock.
Latch can be surface-mounted on the inside of door panel or between outer and inner door skins. A slam latch allows a door or lid to be locked by pressing or swinging it closed. The strikers 400 comprise a contact surface 420 and a locking surface 440. Is a perspective view of a container including the slam latch.

Equipped with a range of different latches and fixings, this medium-heavy duty range of locks is coated in the specialist MG Pro coating to allow it the survive in the harshest conditions. The key can be removed in both positions (open and closed). The rods 300 comprises a central axis 320, a transition portion 330, and an offset 340.
The latchbolt is disengaged (retracted) typically when the user turns the door handle , which via the lockset's mechanism, manually retracts the latchbolt, allowing the door to open. We are familiar, and in most case regularly use in production, the majority of boat latches on the market.
Buyers Products Latch include characteristics like: Material: Stainless Steel, Type: Flush-Mount, Locking, Paddle. The locking motion of the locking mechanism assembly 100 latch and unlatch the lock 200 on one central axis. The latch engages automatically when the door is closed preventing the door from opening unintentionally.

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