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Credit Repair Services

The United States under Obama is just turning the corner as far as recession is concerned. One reason the consumer economy works is because business corporations like Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion constantly gather information on hundreds of millions credit repair of individuals into credit reports, and using sophisticated mathematical and statistical models process those billions of bits of data into a three digit credit score that lenders use to make instant decisions about each of those individuals.
Pro Legal is a completely licensed and bonded service that has changed lives by offering the best credit repair in Philadelphia PA. We have the knowledge, experience and blueprint needed to address the blemishes on your credit history and make sure that they don't hold you back from future financial freedom.

Large bankruptcies have set in like Lehman brothers and GM. The deregulation of Banking has also taken its toll as the real cost of corporate credit (prime rate) has increased only marginally (2.5%-3.0%) yet the real cost of consumer credit card debt has doubled from less than 6% to over 11%.
I have no credit cards, no car loans, no mortgage and I use cash, however, I do have a divorce and my ex, God bless her, when way out of her way ( I mean over the top) to trash my credit, by not paying any of our bills, the last 4 months we were together.
Therefore, credit bureaus may never receive any information about the business transactions on credit and a business could go for years accumulating business history without being reported to the credit bureaus and establishing a positive business history of sound credit practices.

Credit repair companies are subject to numerous federal laws, including the Credit Repair Organizations Act and often the Telemarketing Sales Rule, both of which forbid credit repair organizations from using deceptive practices and from accepting up-front fees.
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A credit repair company is an organization that offers to improve your credit in exchange for a fee. While other credit repair companies in Philadelphia PA might promise you instant results, we are realistic. That's ok. But, avoid a company who is secretive about their methods or makes it seem like they are the only ones who can repair your credit.
A partnership or sole proprietorship, personal credit information could be included on your business credit report. There are many reputable credit repair companies online. If these visitors forget to cancel the service after their free trial ends, they'll find a $14.95 charge on their credit card statement.
ERA Credit Services offers far more compensation for new and veteran Agents. Make sure that your lenders are reporting your payment history correctly as well as the credit limit on your card. However, the company does not provide its unlimited credit repair plan pricing and fails to provide any company history or background information on its website.

Consider the above-mentioned factors before hiring a credit repair company to avoid regretting in the future. Along with Lexington Law, is another very well-known brand in the credit repair industry. Pay After Deletion is a credit repair company that has been in business for over 15 years.
Please upload your credit report for your full credit repair quote that includes time, cost and scores you can expect at completion. Better Way To Credit offers a simple 4-step process that can help you repair and rebuild your credit. From this report a credit score is calculated which ranges from a minimum of 300 to a perfect score of 850.

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