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Fashion Face Masks

To be part of a party, holiday or any special occasion it's recommended that you dress up for it. One of the ways of dressing up is wearing a costume that is right for the event. Whether or not people agree with the style statements on the red carpets or on Instagram, many health experts have urged civilians to reach for a face mask made of cloth, while leaving the N95 and other surgical masks for frontline medical workers and first responders.
While experts say wearing masks and gloves as a precaution against the coronavirus is ineffective, the World Health Organization face masks nevertheless says it is advisable to wear a protective mask in public and health experts are concerned about possible shortages.

While new rules in Germany state that citizens could be fined for not wearing face masks in public, there are, as yet, no such laws in the UK. The government's scientific advisory committee, Sage, has said there is "weak evidence" that masks worn by the public would prevent infections spreading, but there are some scientists who have suggested that non-medical masks should be worn as a precautionary measure.
Since the CDC made its recommendation, non-medical cloth face masks have become difficult to come by; designers and brands that have pivoted production are finding their supplies quickly bought out by shoppers eager to protect themselves and those close to them.

These aren't the medical-grade N95 facial respirator masks —which continue to be in short supply and should be reserved solely for health-care professionals on the frontlines of the pandemic battle—or the allergen-, pollutant-, and germ-filtering masks from Airnium ($69 to $99) that Gwyneth Paltrow wore on Instagram.
Face masks are becoming an increasingly frequent sight across the country, with more and more people using them in an effort to protect themselves and others from the spread of Covid-19 And now the latest Government advice suggests that everyone should be wearing a "face covering" when in supermarkets or on public transport, we are about to start seeing even more of them.

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For example, Russian designer, renown for her high tech fabrics Lena Karnauhova this time around picked a simple organic linen in order to make masks capable of holding up to a number of laundry cycles, and be as close to a natural feeling as possible.

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