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The Best Calendar Apps For Android In 2020

If you work an 8 to 5 shift as a cubicle-dweller, chances are you are using some form of Microsoft Outlook to manage your appointments. DigiCal+ , the paid version of DigiCal, costs $5 and expands on the number of features available, including two new widgets, customization options for the calendar widgets and agenda views, and a yearly view with heat map capabilities to make it easier to tell when you're at your busiest and when you have free time.
The main features of this Android calendar app include: different views (month, day, week), possibility of changing fonts, the diary feature, cloud sync and backup, different widgets available, possibility of adjusting the first day of the week, syncing with other calendar apps, weather forecast, event calendars (adding related events to your calendar like news, sports events and so on), lunar calendar and much more.

The main features of aCalendar include: intuitive and smooth transition between different views (month, day and week), advanced agenda, support for different widgets, integration with Google Calendar, 48 colors available, reminders of birthdays of your contacts, moon phrase information, bar code scanning of events, easy and intuitive operation, a lot of extra features as in-app purchases (tasks, public holidays, color themes, removing ads) and more.
The custom settings option gives you tons of flexibility for how exactly your phone should act while a Calendar event is underway: You can opt to allow calendar app calls or texts from starred contacts to come through, for example, or to allow events and reminders to alert you even if no other sounds are permitted.

No matter how much you love your calendar app, but you definitely do not want to spend too much time in adding events or appointments on it. If it takes you a few minutes or hours, to add events on a calendar, then you should automate it. With Appy Pie Connect , you can easily integrate your calendar to any other app you use, including email, to-do lists, project management apps.
Looking at the now familiar monthly overview, you can see that thereвЂs more detail in the entries for each day than Google Calendar and room on the right-hand side (bottom, if using it in portrait) to shine a spotlight on any particularly important events coming up that day.

Normally, to read or write calendar data, an application's manifest must include the proper permissions, described in User Permissions To make performing common operations easier, the Calendar Provider offers a set of intents, as described in Calendar Intents These intents take users to the Calendar application to insert, view, and edit events.

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