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San Francisco Real Estate

Update 2020: This is a post that shares why I sold my rental home in 2017 after a tremendous amount of deliberation. And while the information on this site is considered to be accurate and correct, it cannot be warranted as being such because things, like tax law changes of late, or San Francisco's complicated Rent Ordinance (and interpretations of such), or ever-changing market values — to name a few — can and do change with little notice, logic or reason.
Appointments and residential real estate viewings can only occur virtually or, if a virtual viewing is not feasible, by appointment with no more than two visitors at a time residing within the same household or living unit and one individual showing the unit.

If you sell your house without proper legal verbiage, especially if there are tenants involved, on the sales contract, there is the potential sale house fast for tenants or new owners to bring you to court for issues they believe should have been taken care of before the sale closed.

DOM is important because buyers and their agents use it as a general measure of which homes are new to the market or fresh.” Homes typically generate the most interest in the first few weeks on market (or, in fast-moving markets, during the first few days).
After years of struggling to save enough to buy a home in the Bay Area — and fighting for more housing development — he finally decided to give up. He, his wife, and their small child moved to San Antonio, Texas, where with the same income they were able to buy a two-bedroom home.

The number of new listings in the East Bay plummeted from 181 the week of March 16 to 55 the week of March 30. Since then, the number of new listings has gradually picked up. Overall in California, March sales have fallen 11.5% from February and 6.5% from the previous year, according to a report by the California Association of Realtors.
In a city council hearing this past September in Apple's hometown of Cupertino, one local teenager said he was against high-density affordable housing because it would mean that we would have uneducated people living in Cupertino.” He and his fellow neighbors were concerned that it would make current residents uncomfortable.” The city's mayor dismissed the comments as being made by a kid” who didn't know better — but to many, they revealed a candid unveiling of the true feelings of older residents who are anti-development.
Pricing it right from the start is critical to the successful sale of a home in San Francisco. With a more than $400,000 gain in less than 2 years, clients were quite pleased with Kevin+Jonathan's sales and listing abilities. Following are 2 sample tables breaking out median house and condo sales prices over the past year in 3 city districts by bedroom count.

Note that it is not uncommon for median sales prices to peak for the year in Q2. However, there are still 2 months of spring sales data to come in (before the typical summer slowdown), and word on the street is that some new listings are again generating feverish bidding wars between buyers.
Days on market (DOM) measures the total number of days a listing remains active before the seller accepts an offer. We can connect you with investors who will make you a cash offer on your San Francisco property right now or match you with top San Francisco real estate agents proven to sell homes fast and for the most money.

On Monday, after the Dow Jones industrial average lost nearly 2,000 points, two buyers withdrew their offers. San Francisco houses are usually set close together and extend backward rather than sprawl from side to side so make sure the buyer knows exactly how big your home is.

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