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Driving Lessons Sydney

Taking the written exam for driving is not usually as stressful as the driving test but it can cause many people stress. Practice driving school offers professional as well as affordable driving lessons for new learners, fresh lessons Arguably one of the most progressive and experienced driving schools in Sydney, Practice driving School covers South-western Sydney, Inner west and surrounding suburbs.
We will build up your confidence to pass first time, giving you the freedom to go anywhere you wish without the L plates holding you back. During each lesson students are taught important information to ensure they are safe, driving school confident and aware drivers. Familiar with all the local test routes, our instructors are more than happy to assist on a practice run of the driving test , helping you to gain greater confidence when it comes to test day.

With 30 years of driving experience and his high standard teaching, Nev is able to pass down all his knowledge about New South Wales road rules and driving to his students so they can all be excellent drivers, not only to pass their test, but also in the long run.
Regardless of whether you're learning to drive for the first time and looking to log your first few hours, or an experienced driver looking to ease yourself back into the driver's seat with refresher driving lessons , our wide variety of driving instructors can cater to your individual needs.

It might seem counterintuitive for us to market ourselves as a more expensive driving school brand, but we feel that we're justified in doing so. We've spent hours and hours on research to understand the best way to teach new students, make sure all our instructors know the process and acquire the best cars for students to drive in.
1 hour driving lesson before test + car hire for RTA driving test. A driver must take care while merging lane, as the car driving in another lane can cause accident. Studying for the exam is one of the most important things you can do to help your chances of passing the test the first time you take it. You need to get a drivers handbook and start studying well in advance.
Driving Instructors Sydney Western Suburbs are polite and professional, always willing to meet your needs. We teach the beginner, the intermediate, the advanced and we also give licensed drivers refresher courses. We are here to MAKE drivers as that is what we DO.

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