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Antalya Halıcı

From above, they may look like Dutch tulip fields. Hereke, a small coastal town on the outskirts of Istanbul rose to fame when the Ottoman Sultan Abdulmecid used them to furnish his newly built and lavish Dolmabahce Palace He was so pleased with the results that he later gave Hereke carpets to visiting dignitaries.
What I love about shopping in Kaleiši is that not only the things the shops are selling but the shops themselves are antique too. Of course, the country of Turkey is famous the world over for its beautifully woven Turkish rugs and Antalya is no exception to this, with Anatolian carpet weaving being deeply embedded in the city's historic roots.

Opened in 1461, it is well known for its jewelry, pottery, spice, and carpet shops. Bargain with the merchant: The prices are always inflated, often up to three or four times the value in order to cover commissions, often to many people Halı Mağazası in the sales hain. This is particularly necessary when you are shopping for leather and gold, since these items tend to be especially overpriced in Antalya and shopkeepers expect a little negotiation when it comes to the price.
The shops are mainly high-end designer brands including the likes of Burberry, Hugo Boss, Fašonnable, Gizia and more. I have purchased several Turkish carpets, mostly during my initial visits. Handmade carpets have remained in Turkish culture as art forms, while mass production turned them into inexpensive products for everyday use.

It was the same shop that I had bought some carpets from four years ago and the sales man still remembered me. ( Turkish people never forget a face). Turkey is a shoppers paradise with most of the goods offering value for money.Wandering through the bazaars is like walking through an interesting maze.
Discover the stunning maze of stalls that cover Istanbul's Spice Bazaar; spend some free time browsing and exploring the stalls selling exotic spices, fresh foods and vegetables - shopping in Istanbul is an absolute delight. With boutique stores situated in the cities of Kayseri, Istanbul and Antalya, the brothers felt the U.S. market could be interesting for them.

I actually did not buy any rugs (what they call carpet) here (but only because I spend all my money on traveling), but they offered me great prices and good company. Not including factory versions that have come into fashion within the last 10 years, traditional Turkish carpets still hold their own as a cultural item.
Join TravelShop Turkey for a fun- filled escorted family day out in Istanbul including some of the must- see shopping hotspots of the city. Here are my suggestions for affordable but quality shopping for at Antalya. Tourists are expected to barter and Turkish salesmen will use all kinds of methods to entice you to their shops.

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