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Orlando Probate Law Attorney

Heidi is a Martindale-Hubbell AV-rated attorney who practices in elder law, Medicaid planning, guardianship, probate and trust administration, probate and guardianship litigation, estate planning and special-needs trusts. Trusts can be made during one's lifetime, called an "inter vivos" trust, or upon death through a will, sometimes called a "Pour-Over Will." Properly drafted trust documents account for how property will be transferred from one to another thereby dispending with the necessity of going to Court to obtain judicial approval.
Our full-service estate planning lawyers go further and address important aspects of estate planning such as asset protection planning and gift and estate tax planning to help ensure as much of your estate as possible is around for you and future generations to enjoy.

Because probate litigation typically involves family members, these types of cases can be intensely personal in nature, and are best served by an experienced Central FLorida probate litigation lawyer who is both aggressive and has the ability to handle probate litigation matters with the utmost discretion and decorum.
According to Florida laws regarding probate, at the time of your passing, items in the trust will not have to pass through probate prior to being distributed to the beneficiaries of the trust, since probate only applies to those assets and debts that are in the name of the estate.

Attorney Christy C. Collins is well versed in the laws relating to estate law & probate legal issues, and he will professionally guide you and your loved ones through the probate & probate litigation process, in order to professionally execute your wishes regarding your estate.
While theoretically, in a very simple estate, the process could take a week or two, in our experience, a summary administration takes approximately one to three months, depending on the County the proceeding in filed in. This can happen when the assets are limited and there are no challenges to the estate.
Orlando & Orlando, LLP is located in Houston, TX and serves clients in and around Tomball, Houston, South Houston, Deer Park, Pearland, La Porte, Seabrook, probate lawyer Orlando Manvel, Webster, Thompsons, Friendswood, Rosharon, Porter, Conroe, Sugar Land, League City, Brazoria County, Harris County and Montgomery County.

Attorney Jodi E. Murphy's practice includes, but is not limited to, trust and estate planning, probate, guardianship planning for families, disability planning, estate tax planning, business succession planning, legacy planning, lifetime giving and charitable planning.
Once the judge approves the personal representative for the estate, then the Court will issue "Letters of Administration." Letters of Administration are formal documents endorsed by the Court, which gives the personal representative the authority to transfer property.

Incidentally, if there are multiple survivors, the best scenario includes all survivors having the same wrongful death lawyer (as long as they have no conflict, which usually means they can agree how to divide the recovery before hiring the wrongful death lawyer).
Your Caring Law Firm, located in Maitland, Florida, is a dedicated estate-planning law firm. Browse more than one million listings, covering everything from criminal defense to personal injury to estate planning. In its most basic form, a will should (1) name a personal representative, (2) direct the distribution of the testator's property, and (3) name legal guardians for any of the testator's minor children.
Our lawyers have been assisting clients in elder and probate law since 1999. With our team of in-house and special-counsel attorneys, we are able to offer our clients the most effective representation possible for their estate planning and probate cases. The Orlando estate planning lawyers at DSK Law can assist you with all aspects of the estate planning process.

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