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Lawyer Los Accident Car Angeles

Welcome to the Madison Law Group personal injury informational and interactive website. Los Angeles car accident attorneys, such as M&Y Personal Injury lawyers, will help you protect your rights, advise you how to proceed, immediately begin an investigation into the car accident, hire investigators to talk with witnesses, visit the scene of the accident, and fight to get you the largest settlement based on your injuries.
If you have been injured in an auto accident or another type of accident that you did not cause, it is important that you seek the advice of a qualified California personal injury attorney who knows the law and has the ability to secure the compensation you deserve.

Our Los Angeles car accident lawyers explain that while the doctrine of comparative negligence” in California makes determining liability fairer to all and allows to punish all negligent parties for contributing to a car crash, many take advantage of the doctrine to evade responsibility and shift the blame on other motorists.
Our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers have seen firsthand, that nearly half of those injured come away with permanent disabilities like brain damage , paralysis, amputation injuries, orthopedic injuries and other serious ailments that significantly and negatively affect the lives of crash victims.

The Joseph Farzam Law Firm is a well established award winning Litigation and Trial firm, focusing on a variety of practice areas, including General Litigation, Business Litigation, Intellectual Property, Personal Injury, Employment Law and Lemon Law.
In California, negligence is determined under the legal doctrine of comparative negligence.” What it means is that the actions of each and every party involved in a car accident will have to be investigated in order to determine liability and assign a certain amount of fault for the accident to all negligent parties.
That's why hiring an attorney is your best strategy to NOT ONLY prevent dishonest LA drivers, their lawyers and insurance companies from trying to put the blame on you, but also maximize compensation for your injuries and damages by finding sufficient evidence that actually DECREASE the amount you were negligent in a road accident.

As previously stated, insurance companies are not incentivized to help you; conversely, their primary objective is to establish the lowest amount of compensation possible and convince you to accept it. You need a lawyer to help you prepare your statement for when you do speak with any insurance company, whether that be the other party's or your own.
At M&Y Personal Injury Lawyers in Los Angeles, we pride ourselves on handling auto accident claims as quickly as possible, but we don't compromise our client's financial goals or the settlement process to do it. Our accident attorneys' primary goal is to represent clients with honesty, integrity, and efficiency.
Our Los Angeles car accident attorneys understand how challenging it can be to pursue justice when you are dealing with medical Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyer bills, health complications, missed time at work, and the emotional and physical exhaustion of being involved in an accident.

We have designed this website for people who have suffered injuries in car or auto accidents,truck and commercial accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, slip or trip and falls, animal attacks, boat accidents, train accidents, fire accidents, and other accidents which have caused injuries such as spinal cord injuries, brain damage injuries, broken bone injuries, soft tissue injuries, disc injuries, burn injuries, and other injuries which have placed you in need to consult a physician.
Our personal injury attorneys have handled hundreds, if not thousands, of car accident cases throughout the greater Los Angeles area, and have the expertise to quickly assess your case while simultaneously sending our investigators to the crash site to collect and analyze information.

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