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Osint Research

Providing business and private OSINT research to assist in enhanced decision making. B. To create their threat intelligence strategies through analyzing OSINT sources from both outside and inside the organization and then combining this information with other information to accomplish an effective cyber-risk management policy that helps them to protect their financial interests, reputation, and customer base.
It's eerily easy to create a social media account that looks like it belongs to someone else and fool the internet with it. For example, President OSINT Donald Trump rose to power in no small part through the help of his verified and extremely active Twitter account, @RealDonaldTrump.

Moreover, in Europe, the market will be noting immense growth trajectory in the forthcoming years, as a result of the heightened level of competition encouraging the adoption of open source intelligence tools used for the collection of quality data to be utilized efficiently in the region.
My research is covered more in depth in previous blog But with a minimal amount of effort stretched over a long amount of time I was able to create a data set that lets me narrow down the date that a Facebook account was created based on the Facebook account ID number alone.
Less risky: Using publicly available information to collect intelligence has no risk compared with other forms of intelligence such as using spying satellites or using human resources on the ground to collect information, especially in hostile countries.

This is why using open source intelligence for security purposes is so important — It gives you an opportunity to find and fix weaknesses in your organization's network and remove sensitive information before a threat actor uses the same tools and techniques to exploit them.
Using the methodology, delegates will learn in-depth techniques to find all relevant information from open sources, execute a systematic research plan, to use for market research, investigations, intelligence production, fact-checking techniques or vulnerability testing.

Many vertical sectors also have information sharing and analysis centers (ISACs), which are excellent sources of information, as are sector-independent fora like Facebook's ThreatExchange and AlienVault's Open Threat Exchange The IBM X-Force Exchange also provides an extensive threat database that is searchable by a range of parameters, including application name, IP and URL.
It's not recommended to approach open source intelligence from the perspective of finding anything and everything that might be interesting or useful — as we've already discussed, the sheer volume of information available through open sources will simply overwhelm you.

The second category is designed for big data analytics platforms such as DataWalk which combine OSINT insight with local, internal data for further visual analysis and to conduct link analysis to identify connections across a large volume of records.
Google provides an extremely useful tool for searching within websites, for example: Site:website address keyword”. He was the founder of the Open Source Intelligence Bureau for the Dutch Defense Intelligence and Security Service (DISS) and currently holds the position of Senior Policy Advisor for OSINT and Cyber at the Dutch Ministry of Defence.

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