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Hochzeitsfotograf Berlin

It was a rainy week. From intimate moments of the Bride and Groom, to wide spanning captions of the entire congregation present, we are sure that we can bring the best photos of your special day to life, managing not only to capture the innocence of smartly dressed children (however short lived these moments might be) but also taming the more wild of party goers.
You'll receive access to your wedding photographs within 6 weeks, and portrait photographs within 3 weeks. Always happiest either taking analogue photographs of wonderful humans on their wedding day or eating good food. This enables me to devise a creative strategy for both the portraits and group shots I spend much of my time, however, blending into the background, in order to record your wedding naturally, thereby capturing the day as it unfolds.

Overall, you can expect more Best of” photos from one of our MASTER photographers than from a PROFI photographer. We mainly photograph and film weddings Hochzeitsfotograf in Berlin and Brandenburg but we have worked as far afield as India and the Seychelles. I am Vasil, a wedding photographer based in Berlin.
That is why we would recommend to book your photographer from your getting ready to the end of your wedding dance rather than from the beginning of your ceremony until midnight. Thanks to our many years of expertise we, at iKlick photo studios, can transport you back in time to revisit those most beautiful memories you hold dear through the photos we could have to offer you.

They receive constant training and supervision from our MASTER photographers. Thanks to their years of experience, our MASTER photographers can support your wedding planning with many helpful tips, an optimal schedule and recommendations for vendors. Within Berlin ABC, travel is included in the wedding photography packages.
Each wedding and portrait photography package is unique and will be priced according to duration, location and bespoke options. I am an event photographer based in Berlin, I specialize in photographing events such as conferences, conventions, trade shows, exhibitions and more.
Over the years; our MASTER photographers have developed a mature and sophisticated photography style which they can adapt to your individual expectations. Primarily, they differ in their amount of wedding photography experience which affects their style and their way of working.

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