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Bankruptcy Attorney

When you learn from any source that the judgment debtor has filed for bankruptcy, you must immediately stop all attempts to recover. Prior to practicing bankruptcy law, Attorney Morrison received his undergraduate degree from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst, MA. He received his Juris Doctor from Tulane University School of Law in New Orleans, Louisiana before returning to practice in Massachusetts.
The most important thing about a chapter 13 case is that it will allow you to keep valuable property - especially your home and car stop foreclosure Plymouth - which might otherwise be lost, if you can make the payments which the bankruptcy law requires to be made to your creditors.

Our law firm in Carver, Plymouth County and Barnstable County, Massachusetts handles a wide range of legal matters for homeowners, workers, and business owners including family law, divorce and divorce mediation in Barnstable County, Bristol County, Norfolk County and Plymouth County.
The skill set and extensive knowledge that the Law Office of Bardsley and Gray has in preparing, advising, and representing you in your Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 Bankruptcy case (remove (,))are key factors that will successfully guide you through the entire Bankruptcy process.

If in this example you had $24,000 total debt, owed to say credit cards, and this was your only debt listed in your bankruptcy, the creditors would be getting half of their money owed after the five years, upon which time the total debt would be discharged.
Use the contact form on the profiles to connect with a Plymouth, Massachusetts attorney for legal advice. I have assisted hundreds of people in obtaining debt relief, and I can help you. Where you fit in the bankruptcy process depends primarily on your debts, assets, income, and expenses.
Assisting with Bankruptcy issues in Plymouth and across Massachusetts. First, as part of a bankruptcy filing you must choose between (1) the federal bankruptcy exemptions and (2) the exemptions under Massachusetts and federal non-bankruptcy law. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy - is most often referred to as the reorganization bankruptcy” because the debtor does make an attempt to repay creditors through a court-approved payment plan, which is typically designed to take approximately 3-5 years.

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