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Australian Oak Engineered Flooring

Brought together to share the diversity of species in Australian Hardwood Solid Flooring, one of Hurfords most loved collections. The typical make up of an engineered floor is a6mm to 6mm top layer of a timber veneer over a plywood base that is either made of pine or hardwood, the finish is often an acrylic UV cured coating or an aluminium oxide coating that is applied and is usually a semi gloss finish, please note there are many other finishes but this seems to be the most common.
My house was built in 1890 and the original timber floors can no longer be sanded back because they've had one too many sandings. Engineered laminated wood flooring has been around for about 20 years. It's best installed over solid subfloors like concrete, which it can stick on easily.

The solid and engineered lines are available in Australian species including brushbox, which was once only used for fence posts but became the star material inside the Sydney Opera House; Sydney blue, a red wood named after the blue aura that appears when the sun refracts off the tree's leaves; and Australian beech, the American name for the Australian blackbutt tree.
There are a great deal more options in each species, grades and sizes, the solid floors have multiple grading options, some of these are Select Grade (this type of floor is absent most of the natural features and gives a clean modern look) the next is Standard Grade (this floor has a small amount of the natural features in the timber) and the third is Natural Feature Grade (these boards retain all of the naturally occurring features, such as gum vein and knots).

Because engineered floors are created to make installation quick and easy, they don't expand and contract as much as their solid hardwood counterparts. To find out more about the HeartWood Floors difference, simply call us today on 02 9620 9699 and speak to one of our timber flooring Sydney specialists.
Timber floors require little in the way of maintenance and can quickly add a lasting touch of real quality to any home. Sustainable production: Made primarily from plantation-grown trees, engineered timber planks are a more sustainable option over slow-growing aesthetic hardwoods.
Firstly let me address the Engineered floors. Floors that don't just look exceptionally stylish and natural, but can also take a knock or two and above all, have a waterproof surface. If you are after quality engineered European Oak flooring then you can be smart and save by buying from a reputable source online.

Browse our range of timber flooring solutions here on our website, or speak to one of our in-store experts. With the rising popularity of engineered timber, the range of colours and styles continues to advance rapidly thanks to consistent advancements in technology and manufacturing processes.
Worldwide Timber Traders have a well rounded selection of timber flooring products that will meet your needs and project budget. It is a more affordable alternative to solid timber flooring both in the short- and long-term. We have an engineered product to serve all applications from high wear to Hydronic Heated floors All our products are tried, tested and warranted, perfect for any home or commercial application.

You do need to understand, however, that due to its authentic timber veneer, engineered flooring can be sensitive to areas of high moisture. Some products are compatible with underfloor heating and the stability of the base also allows for wider board widths.
We only sell the highest quality products and service our clients with industry expertise and professionalism. To ensure your First Floors oil coating is at its optimal level, it is a requirement that WOCA Maintenance Oil is applied immediately after installation.

Within any space timber flooring provides warmth and interest, enhancing the character and design of a space. However, if you want to install solid timber floors it's going to cost you a fair bit more. Engineered timber is the ideal alternative to solid timber flooring.

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