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London Sash Window Repairs

In today's modern age we mostly live in a "throw away" society where the cost of repairs tends to far exceed the cost of replacement. That said if you've got lead paint you need to don't remove it because it's an incredibly good protective layer on your sash windows, instead seal it in with another coat of paint and then you won't have any issues of the lead causing you any harm at all whatsoever.
Houghtons of York are a well established family run business with a wealth of experience specialising in high quality architectural joinery and woodcarving for clients throughout the UK. With workshops based in York we employ a team of highly skilled craftsmen and Sash Window Repairs use traditional methods and materials to produce a broad range of bespoke commissioned work including casement and sash windows, doors, staircases, libraries, panelling, kitchens, building work, fireplaces, oak frames, ecclesiastical joinery, furniture and gates.
The other benefits of these beautiful windows in the fact you can open them up high so if you've got a balcony or somewhere to stand outside then it's extremely easy access as well it was a solution that meant you could still have a sash window that looks elegant but operate effectively in the same way as a door.

Not only are these windows extremely dangerous, and poor insulators, they are extremely insecure and vulnerable to break in. Most London insurance companies will invalidate your insurance if Louvres section of the window is operational and not silicone fixed shut.

If there is rot in the window sill there is often rot in the bottom of the box where it meets the sill (the box is the area behind the pulleys as its name suggests it is just a hollow box, it contains the weights that are attached to the sashes by means of sash cord).
You might consider that you want to have double glazing because you need to reduce the noise, and that's a separate issue but as far as actually just getting your window up to a structural sound condition and being able to pass a survey for example sash window repair is absolutely fine.

This is a quite credible because the years one of the biggest things about UPVC was the ability to keep a property warm but seeing as they can now do that with timber and still keep the windows looking at the development and traditional I fear that the UPVC market will diminish.
Timbawood is a specialist manufacturer of double-glazed, traditional timber windows and doors, offering a supply only service to refurbishment contractors and trade installers nationwide, or a full supply and install service to the trade and private clients within the London area and home counties.

Historic England and the energy trust suggest that one sash window draught proofing save you up to 20 per year If you consider draught proofing system costs 250 and you save 20 a year, direct payback is there but that isn't the actual biggest benefit of a sash window draught proofing system.
Our conservation single and double glazed box cords and weights or spring balance, sash windows are designed for period properties and conservation areas and coordinate with traditionally detailed flush double glazed casement windows, bi-folding, French doorsets and entrance doors.

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