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Game streaming live stream is an activity where people record themselves online. You can actually make this happen with nothing more than a sheet or large curtain and some even lighting, though basic green screen setups can be found online for as little as $20 To play with chroma key settings in OBS Studio, right-click on Video Capture Device in the Sources panel and select Filters > Effect Filters > Chroma Key.
Mixer also has a less impressive audience than Twitch because of its age, which means it can be harder to develop a large audience if your channel catches on. At the moment, top Mixer streamers are unlikely to see the viewer numbers of their Twitch counterparts.

If you want to play games on a PS4, XBox, or Switch, you'll need a capture card It's a device that plugs into your console and computer via HDMI and allows you to stream and record gameplay on Twitch (or YouTube.) This one by Elgato streams in 1080p and has a lag-free pass-through that's essential for streaming.
In fact, the only material on his Twitch channel today is a 37-second Thank-you video filmed after his 2014 Ibiza set, in which the DJ calls Twitch a dope interactive platform that I can't wait to put more of my events on and share with you guys” — a promise that has yet to be fulfilled.

While the app wasn't the best for mobile streaming, or watching older videos (had plenty of times where the video would reset entirely after watching an ad, or just randomly flicker and then reset back to the start of the video), it did work well enough, though I still don't understand why the method of getting bits by watching ads was removed from mobile, despite already giving barely any bits by comparison to what you would get for watching an ad on your computer.
New features on Twitch called cheers” - animated emojis purchased by viewers as tips and sent as chat messages - closely resemble functions on the webcam porn platform Chaturbate, in which livestreaming video performers are paid through tips, and use apps to set tip goals and associated rewards”.

You should take your viewers' time and attention seriously and pay them back by being the best content creator you can be. Never skip an opportunity to engage with your audience, whether it's by saying hello” to them when they join or creating content that appeals specifically to your audience.
Auronplay (Raúl Álvarez Genes) and ibai (Ibai Llanos) are the only individual streamers to feature in the overall top-10, which is other dominated by esports channels and events, and topped by the annual Game Awards, which take place in December and were watched by an average 157,357 concurrent viewers.

But it's led the site to become home to an expanding population of artists, comedians, podcasters, musicians, athletes, cooks and social media influencers, all looking to make a living through live-streaming — right alongside Twitch's usual blend of "Fortnite" and other games.

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