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Aim:To discuss the development of the family and community health nurse (FCHN) in Italy by focusing on three levels: organisational, political and theoretical.Background:The role of the FCHN in Italy is not yet embedded evenly across the Italian National Health System (INHS) and does not have formal recognition, either contractually or organisationally. Hiring a badante is not only less costly than other care providing schemes 3 , it is also more practical because they ensure long hours of care (badanti are often complementary to public services, which are not organized to give care on a 24 hour basis or in the long term 4 ), they are flexible (arrangements can be made over the 24 hours) and assist people at home 5 The use of a badante has become a common practice in Italy, even by less affluent families, and supply has raised demand (Colombo 2005).
According to the Best Practice Panel, empirical data suggest that at-home palliative care services are still not available in the same proportions across geographic areas (more than a quarter of Italians live in a province not covered by HPCS, typically in the South and on the west coast) and according to the different diagnoses (non-cancer and pediatric patients represent a negligible percentage of assisted patients; 5% and 0.4%, respectively).

Immediately after its creation, the World Health Organization established a commission of experts on polio, which played a fundamental role in coordinating the activities at national Badanti Roma and international levels, spreading the new discoveries and techniques, and increasing knowledge of the disease, its epidemiology, the therapeutic and the post-disease treatments.
However, previous research on maternal care for migrant women in Italy showed a generally worse pattern for all foreigners compared with Italian women, with little variability among the selected antenatal indicators 23. Also, this study could have overestimated the differences between groups of foreign women considering that most of those who come from developed countries are likely to belong to the more advantaged groups (high educated, employed) and to share the same behaviour of the Italians of the same social class.

Lawyer Barbara Cicerchia operates in all branches of Civil Law and coordinates judicial activities, Business Lawyer Umberto Orazi is specialized as International Lawyer and had past working experiences in contract and business matters: their partnership guarantees valid services concerning International Law.
The space here is not enough to explain this complicated matter, but the incentives-disincentives of the payment mechanisms are different, and our current US system incentivizes overutilization of services and over investment in technology, which forces providers to utilize more of it, even if not necessary, simply to recoup the depreciation costs.
Detention of asylum-seekers may be ordered (a) in order to verify or determine the asylum-seeker's nationality or identity, (b) if they are not carrying travel or personal identity documents, or (c) if they have presented false documents on arrival; (d) in order to check the grounds on which their asylum application is based where they are not "immediately available"; or (e) while they are awaiting the outcome of the proceedings concerning the recognition of the right to be admitted to Italy.

It is always advisable to seek the advice of an Italian succession lawyer with specialist knowledge of cross-border legislation when making an Italian will as there are numerous aspects to cover, including tax and financial matters, which will vary between countries.

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