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Boston MA Criminal Attorney

Attorney Patrick E. Sheehan specializes in criminal defense and litigation Attorney Sheehan recommends that you read his 10 Reasons Why You Will Need An Attorney” to see why it is critical that you speak to a criminal attorney immediately upon being charged with a criminal offense or if you think you may be under investigation. We are experienced in and out of the courtroom, and unlike many firms who often have no seasoned litigators and therefore settle or plea too early, we are not afraid to take both our criminal and civil cases to trial whenever this is in our client's best interests.
Almost all Massachusetts District Attorneys offices have instituted standing orders that these cases are to be prosecuted very aggressively - these cases are typically very serious, and can become very much "dragged out," often taking a considerable amount of time to resolve.

He has tried or been co-counsel on major criminal cases representing clients accused of murder, larceny, real estate fraud, tax fraud, rape, sexual assault, drug crimes, firearm offenses, perjury, various forms of criminal conspiracy, and other charges.
As a Boston criminal defense attorney, Jeffrey R. Chapdelaine handles Boston drunk driving cases; Massachusetts drug charges ; sex crimes ; violent crimes , including murder, assault and domestic cases; weapons charges; robbery and burglary cases and other criminal cases.

He has defended his clients on charges ranging from healthcare fraud, money laundering, RICO, internet gambling offenses, tax evasion, political corruption, securities fraud, insider trading, mail, wire and bank fraud, to racketeering, international gambling, drug smuggling, internet sex offenses, computer theft, and murder.
With more than 40 years of trial experience, he has earned some of the most prestigious accolades in his profession including being listed in "Best Boston criminal defense attorney Lawyers in America" since 1995 in the practice areas of white collar and general criminal defense and Martindale-Hubbell's AV preeminent rating.

Tax evasion, money laundering, terrorism, bank robbery, mail fraud, and kidnapping are some of the other federal crimes that you may be charged with in the Boston area, but you can protect your rights and your future by calling a federal crime lawyer at our firm.
As we defend you in your criminal case, we also factor in potential collateral consequences including violations of your civil rights, professional licensing matters, educational goals, career opportunities, immigration consequences, and university disciplinary proceedings.

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